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Launch of Impian Sarawak in conjunctio​n with Malaysia Day

DAP Launches “Impian Sarawak” in conjunction with Malaysia Day
11 Sep 2013 (Kuala Lumpur)
 “Impian Malaysia” or the “Malaysia Dream” is a movement started by DAP Parliamentary Leader Lim Kit Siang in May after the 13th General Election envisioning a plural society where all her citizens are united as one people, rising above their ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic differences as the common grounds binding them as one citizenship exceed the differences that divide them because of their ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural divisions.
To achieve this dream, the DAP cannot do it alone. Hence we need you to be a Malaysian Dream Agent and take part in the community work for rural and non-cyber communities. The movement hopes to gather more Malaysian volunteers (including non-party members) to be “Impian Malaysia” Agents for our activities and programs to promote Malaysian identity and consciousness particularly among the young generation of Malaysians.
As one of the key pillars of the movement, today we are launching the “Impian Sarawak” campaign where we seek to make an impact in Sarawak, as a key electoral battleground for its state election in 2015 and the eventual takeover of Putrajaya in the 14th General Election.
We would like to call upon all Malaysians, particularly those in the Peninsula to take part in “Impian Sarawak” to make it a most successful campaign for change in Malaysian history.  The drive will kick of with 3 key thrusts:
  1. Rural Outreach Programmes and Projects
The DAP will explore, study and identify critical programmes and projects which needs to be carried out in Sarawak to uplift the well-being of the rural and poor villagers.  We will organise teams of members and volunteers to penetrate these remote villages to undertake projects such as micro-hydro electric dams to provide electricity, gravity feed water systems, repair works on basic infrastructure such as roads and bridges as well as economic upliftment programmes via sustainable sources of income.
Impian Malaysia Agents are required to take part as volunteers in these programmes to bring significant changes to the livelihood of these villagers – Ibans, Bidayuhs, Orang Ulu and other ethnic groups – who have been marginalised by the BN Government.  The participation Impian Malaysia Agents in the campaign will make an immense difference to these people.
  1. Study Trips and Exchange Programmes
The DAP will also organise regular study tours for the Sarawak rural community leaders to Pakatan Rakyat states of Penang and Selangor to provide them with a first hand experience and understanding of our people-centric policies.  In the process, we hope that the rural Sarawakians will be able to see for themselves the difference between a government that robs the people of its land and income, versus one that protects and feeds the rakyat.
Impian Malaysia Agents may assist in these programmes by participating in these studies as guides to provide exchange of ideas and discussion sounding boards.
  1. Fund-raising campaigns
It is clear that to run the above 2 thrusts, we will need to raise a substantial financial war chest.  Hence, the third thrust is to raise funds for the above projects to ensure their successful execution.  The more we raise, the more projects we can undertake, and the more lives we are able to touch over the next few years.
Each of the key DAP states – Penang, Perak, Selangor, Federal Territories, Negeri Sembilan and Johor will be organising fund-raising dinners and campaigns before the end of the year to raise funds for “Impian Sarawak”. 
Impian Malaysia Agents, especially those who can’t take part in the first 2 thrusts, can certainly take part in this thrust by attending our fund-raising dinners or donating online via You may even run your own fund-raising activities, and our leaders will be more than happy to make available time to attend these functions.
For more information on any or all of the above, you may visit or email us at

Additional info:
  1. First Outreach Project
Our first volunteer project is to build a gravity feed water system at Kampung Sait, which is a 40-minute drive and a 2-hour walk from Kuching. The village is one of those displaced as a result of the construction of the Bengoh dam.  Volunteers will join the villagers to build the water supply system. 
Volunteers will be required to pay for their own flights. There will be a registration fee of RM200 to cover the volunteers’ transportation, insurance, food and accommodation. Finally the volunteers will need to be physically and mentally fit, willing to learn and are culturally sensitive.
The volunteer period are 28 Sep - 6 Oct 2013 (9 days) or 3 - 6 Oct 2013 (4 days).  For more info, visit or email:
  1. First Fund-Raising Dinner
The first fund-raising dinner will be organised by DAP Selangor with the following details:
Date: 10 Oct 2013 (Thu)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Dewan Banquet, MBPJ Civic Centre (Jalan Yong Shook Lin)
Dinner tickets are available at RM70 each or RM700 per table. Gold and Platinum tables are available for RM1,500 and RM3,000 each.
For the tickets, please email or call 016-8782472.

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