Jumaat, 13 September 2013

Gobind on ROS

Did the Registrar of Societies have any basis to order the DAP to hold re-elections?

Its Director-General, Abdul Rahman Othman is today quoted as saying the ROS is waiting for the DAP to hand over 500 original letters by DAP delegates confirming their absence during the party's elections on 15 December last year.

Has the ROS not taken statements from the delegates to confirm this before making their decision directing the DAP to hold re-elections?

This seems to suggest that the ROS had not verified the complaint that delegates were not notified and if that were the case, what was the basis for their decision? Have they not checked? What were they doing for all those months they took to "investigate" the matter?

Abdul Rahman should first tell us, did he verify the complaint or not? If he did not, then he must explain how the ROS made his decision, and on what basis?

Is Abdul Rahman now prepared to admit that the decision of the ROS was premature, without first verifying the facts and that it is now willing to reconsider its decision? Will Abdul Rahman also give us his full assurance that the ROS will revoke his decision directing the DAP to hold re-elections if we show him the original letters he now wants to see?

Abdul Rahman is treading on very thin ice. He should make up his mind and stop making things difficult and embarrasing for himself.

As regards official notification, the DAP has already responded officially to the letter from the ROS directing it to hold re-elections. The claim by Abdul Rahman that the ROS has yet to get an official notification of the re-election is therefore nonsensical and misplaced.

MP Puchong.
Chairman, DAP National Legal Bureau.

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