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SG on ROS' decision to instruct fresh CEC election

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 30.7.2013

Impromptu and Premature Announcement By Ahmad Zahid Hamidi To Direct DAP To Reconvene Party Elections When The Registrar of Societies(ROS) Has Not Even Prepared A Letter To The DAP Of This Decision Is An Act Of Political Victimisation And Abuse Of Power.
DAP is shocked at the pre-emptive and premature announcement by Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to direct DAP to reconvene party elections when the Registrar of Societies(ROS) has not even prepared a letter to the DAP of this decision is an act of political victimisation and abuse of power. Datuk Ahmad had made the announcement in an impromptu speech during the ROS’ buka puasa function in Putrajaya completely unprepared, without any written grounds on why DAP is required to call for fresh party elections.

This is an act of political vengeance and victimisation because DAP was never informed before hand, either verbally or in writing of this directive to hold fresh elections. Further the letter promised by ROS to be sent to DAP has not even been prepared or sent. When DAP National Organising Secretary and MP for Seremban Anthony Loke visited the ROS Headquarters in Putrajaya this morning, he was informed that the letter was not ready to be sent yet. Has ROS surrenderred its professionalism and integrity to UMNO and BN to be a willing tool to fix up BN’s political enemies?

These events lend suspicion that ROS had clearly pre-judged and made up its mind to fix up the DAP. No serious consideration was given to the explanations by DAP that the party elections in December last year was conducted properly, legally and democratically where all qualified delegates were fully informed without any dishonest practice of money politics or hanky panky.  

The only mistake was in the posting of the results by the Returning Officer that led to the wrong votes being announced for the successful candidates. When this error was discovered, this was admitted to and rectified by the party voluntarily without being exposed by any outside parties. The party is now punished for being refusing to hide mistakes and by being honest and truthful.

DAP has given full co-operation to the ROS and provided all information requested. For the ROS to claim now that the DAP CEC is not recognised is self-contradictory as ROS Director-General continues to address me as DAP Secretary-General in official letters this year and even stated that DAP is authorised to use our Rocket symbol during the last general elections.

DAP urges all leaders, members and supporters to remain calm. An emergency CEC meeting will be held tomorrow night at the DAP Headquarters to deal with this latest development. As this is a clear act of political vengeance and an illegal abuse of power, the DAP CEC shall consider all options as provided for under the Societies Act, after receiving a written directive from ROS.


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