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Respect for academic freedom Tertiary education students should have the right to choose

Joint Statement:

Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia, Buddhist Research Society of Malaysia, Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia, Malaysia Christian Youth Association, Malaysia Entrepreneurs’ Development Association, Malaysian Young Graduates Association, The Federation of Clans and Guilds Youth Association of Malaysia, Junior Chamber International KL Mandarin and United Youth Movement of Malaysia understand that the government intends to make ‘Islamic and Asian Civilisation Studies (Titas)’ one of the three compulsory subjects for the intake of local students into private institutions of higher learning (IPTS),from 1st of Sept,2013 onwards. We wish to express our regrets over the decision. 

We believe that this policy is effectively an attempt at indoctrination targeting all new students. This is a serious violation of the provisions of section 11 and section 12(3) of the Federal Constitution which guarantees the right to profess and practise one’s own religion, and prohibits indoctrination of a religion that is not professed by one.  We call upon the Government to immediately cancel this policy and take immediate steps to uphold the constitutional spirit of fairness and justice. 
We also do not agree to the proposal for any religious instruction or religious civilisation studies to be made a compulsory subject in tertiary education. In the spirit of academia, students should be given the freedom to study the subject of their own interest, and which are related to their future careers. There must be greater academic freedom in universities and students must be given the right to pursue knowledge according to their interest and passion. 

We believe that enforcement of this misguided policy will have negative repercussions. Therefore, we urge the Government to seriously re-examine and review the issue to ensure greater objectivity and to respect the principles of academic freedom in tertiary institutions. 

Nevertheless, we call on the Government to offer subjects on the different religious civilisations, to be made as an elective for students, who may be interested in the subject. 
We request that the Government leads by example and to respect the ethnic and religious diversity in Malaysia.

 In planning subjects related to religious civilisation, due consideration must be given to the history of major religions, their doctrines and the impact of religion on the development of civilisation. The design of the syllabus should not give prominence to any single religious teaching. 
The 21stcentury is an arena without borders; the flow of information has no barriers. Therefore, the Government must abandon its narrow and sectarian approach to education to keep pace with other advanced countries.

联联合合文文告告 联合文告:
 :: :尊重学术自由 尊尊重重学学术术自自由由 尊重学术自由, ,, ,大专生应有选择权 大大专专生生应应有有选选择择权权 大专生应有选择权    
马来西亚佛教青年总会、马来西亚佛教学术研究协会、马来西亚佛教弘法会、马来西亚 基督教青年协会、马来西亚青年团结运动、马来西亚宗乡青联合总会、马来西亚创业促 进会、马来西亚大专青年协会及马来西亚国际青年商会不苟同政府将于 2013 年 9 月 1 日 开始,规定私立大专生必修数个科目,其中包括“伊斯兰文明”,并且必须取得及格。 这个政策企图把伊斯兰教义,强制性灌输于所有学生,这已严重违反宪法第?11及第 12(3)条款,即赋予人民宗教信仰自由的基本权益,及禁止强制性灌输人民本身信仰以外 的宗教教义。政府必须马上纠正这项政策,并以身作则贯彻宪法公平及公义的精神。 
另外,从学术的角度而言,文告表示不赞同任何宗教课或宗教文明,纳入学术殿堂,成 为必修科目。大专学府原是要让学子们,对自己有兴趣或热爱的科系,作进一步的求知 与学习,甚至成为日后的一技之长,在相关领域发挥。大专院校,也是青年学子追求学 术自由的殿堂,而非强迫学子们选择与自己兴趣或科系无关,甚至非自己意愿的科目。 
文告联署团体认为,强迫性要求大专生选修自己没兴趣的科目,将会产生负面的反弹。 职是之故,吁请政府认真看待此议题,并尊重大专学府学术自由的原则。 
尽管如此,文告也呼吁政府,应该开办更多不同宗教文明的相关科系或科目,成为选修 系或科目之一,以让有兴趣的学子,多一个选择的机会。 
文告联署团体认为政府必须以身作则,尊重马来西亚为多元种和信仰的事实,同时开 明的对待各大宗教对国家及社会的贡献,在设计宗教文明相关科目时,必须全面诠释各 大宗教的历史、教义及其对文明发展,而不只是单一的突出某个宗教教义。 
21 世纪是一个无疆界的国度,资讯的流通已没有障碍。因此,政府必须摒弃单元及封闭 式的教育模式,如此才能和先进国家并驾齐驱。 

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