Rabu, 18 Julai 2012

'What Is Wrong In Asking Question?'

18 July 2012

It has been about three and a half years and the Ipoh Subramaniar Kallumalai Temple's Rajagopuram (Royal Monumental tower) is yet to finish building. 

'Is it an an offense to ask why the delay of its completion? The temple is an issue of public interest. I do not wish to politicize the matter', V. Sivakumar commented. 

There have been numerous comments at large by the public on the in-completion of the temple's Rajagopuram. 

The temple committee could have come forward and explain of the delay in completing it. Why they did not do so?

It should be aware to certain parties that temple is a public property and not an individual's property. And now that this issue has blasted like a bomb, it has been used to  politicize. If the respective parties had given an explanation on this issue earlier, this would have solved the matter. 

As at to-date, the temple committee has not given any concrete explanation towards this issue. But when the question is asked, an offense?

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