Khamis, 5 Julai 2012

Do not Play With Lives of SJKT Ladang Sabak Bernam Pupils

The pupils of SJK(T) Ladang Sabak Bernam (Tamil school) did not go to school for 24 days. Parents are still waiting for a good decision from the government. The Ministry of Education should intervene and resolve this school's problem immediately. Parents do not want to send their children to school because knowing the danger of the electric cables of 33KV where their children must pass by ahead  near the entrance of the school.

The District Education Office of Sabak Bernam is aware of this problem yet it does not want to take any reasonable action. The negligence of the government's attitude in this case angered the parents who worry about their children's safety. Why is the District Education Office not taking any action to help these parents? Are they afraid of certain MIC leaders who want the school to be maintained at the dangerous this new site?

Parents are afraid to send their children to the ancillary building of the SJKT Ladang Sabak Bernam as 3 horrific events had occurred under these electric cables:

1) An Indonesian died of an electric shock during the school's construction project,

2) A Bangladeshi flung caused by the electric shock under the cables, and

3) Three cows died believed caused by the electric cable shocks

All these events worries the parents about the safety of their children. Certainly every parent who loves their child will never take such risks. However, the Barisan Nasional government does not care for  the life of these small children.

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