Selasa, 21 April 2009

Perintah-perintah Tetap 10(2)

Menurut Perintah-perintah Tetap 10(2),Dewan Perhimpunan Undangan Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan, Mesyuarat Dewan hendaklah diadakan sekurang-kurangnya tiap-tiap enam bulan sekali supaya tempoh enam bulan tidak melewati di antara persidangan terakhir di dalam satu penggal dan persidangan pertama di dalam penggal yang berikutnya.

Apakah yang anda faham daripada perintah-perintah tetap 10(2) ini?

2 ulasan:

  1. DUN tidak bersidang dalam masa 6 bulan maka DUN di bubarkan. Buat pemilihan semula dan biar rakyat yang tentukan.
    Ini adalah hak rakyat khas untuk rakyat and nobody go against this perintah tetap and anyone who objected to it is a traitor to people of Perak.

  2. Refer to preamble of the Standing orders, the definition of "penggal", "persidangan" and the calculation can be made accordingly.

    If the DUN has been dibubarkan pursuant to proceedings under the tree (since no court of law has declared it to be null and void) the questions of convening assembly should not arise.

    However,we can be assure the "educated idiots" would ignore these facts and try to convene the state assembly. Why not Tuan Speaker issue an official letter informing HRH that assembly has been dissolved and performed all formalities normally done to endorse the dissolution.

    What matters is what Tuan Speaker's opinion is. I feel that there is no finishing proper to actions taken by the PR government.Proceedings was convened and resolutions were made to accept resignation of frogs, to suspend the thief and six "excos" and the to dissolve the assembly but no follow up was done.

    Finish up the job started. How does the assembly normally ratify these resolutions? Minutes of the proceedings? how is it recorded or endorsed? These are the areas that Tuan Speaker has look for.

    No point we keep cursing them by verbal words, it is not going to get us anywhere. It can be noted that after the proceedings under the tree, nothing concrete was moving for PR government except replying to numerous legal suits filed by the bn . They have no choice since they could not buy over Tuan Speaker.
    There is such things in law where the court would refuse to hear a matter when the change or course of event had undertaken the application or we call it "it had become acedemic". As such by taking steps to make the resolutions official (which does not require consent of HRH), most of the applications filed by bn would be become academic. And then bn would be scrambling for lack of directions.

    Tuan Speaker has to decide whether to pursue the course either DUN has been dissolved and take further actions relating thereto or accept that bn can still call for the assembly and utilise the Speaker's powers to frustrate the bn's intention.