Sabtu, 25 April 2009

Chang Lih Kang: They Are Barbarians

Message from YB Chang Lih Kang, State Assemblyman for Teja, Perak.

After 3 March 2009, this tree has become a famous tourist spot. Everyday there are people coming from all over places to look at the tree with “reverence”. And the most beautiful part is, even the tourists are multiracial.

On 8 March 2009, we planted 5 trees of same species nearby and a little monument in front of the memorable tree. Since then, more tourists and concerned citizens have come to visit the tree. Some of them even brought bouquet of flowers along.

It seems the only way to stop people from commemorating the tree is to chop it off. And the UMNO-BN illegitimate government has been telling the Perakians that the local authority is unhappy and they will do their part accordingly.

Is this the prelude of chopping the tree off?

What happen to the little monument under the tree?

Only after 5 days it was built, the poor little monument under the famous “Tree of Democracy” was vandalized. Some hooligans went and hammered it into few pieces. yesterday.They splashed black paint (some said it’s not paint. Whatever lah, it’s something sticky and black in colour) at the monument and almost all wordings are covered!

These pictures show how barbaric those thugs are. It also exposes the UMNO-BN’s way in handling dissidences. For them, you are either with me or you die. There is no space for dissidents, not even a lifeless monument.

However, people are not stupid nowadays. All sort of information can be obtained within a click. You can only break the lifeless monument but not the people’s support to Pakatan Rakyat and democracy!

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