Jumaat, 16 Ogos 2013

Sdr Karpal on Party re-electio​n

Media Statement by DAP National Chairman and MP for Bukit Gelugor, YB Karpal Singh, on 15.8.13

Despite the strong legal position of the DAP that the directive of the Registrar of Societies that the party holds fresh CEC elections in that that directive does not have the sanctity or authority of law, in the larger interests of the party, and to avert deregistration of the party, the CEC resolved last night, to hold fresh CEC elections.
The DAP had made every effort to receive from the Registrar of Societies the reasons for his directive and the law upon which that directive had been based. In fact, DAP Secretary-General, Lim Guan Eng, as recent as a few days ago, sought to meet up with the Registrar of Societies to discuss the position but the Registrar of Societies declined to give him an appointment. To compound the position, the party’s repeated requests to the Registrar of Societies to be supplied with the complaints made against the party have been futile.
Under the circumstances, it is with regret, that as directed by the Registrar of Societies, the CEC of term 2008-2011 will meet up next Thursday to make the necessary preparations for the fresh CEC elections.

- Karpal Singh

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