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2013 Merdeka Speech 2013年 国庆日献词 - Mr. Goh Qing Song the President of theYBAM

2013 Merdeka Speech by Mr. Goh Qing Song the President of the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia
  Mr. Goh Qing Song the President of theYBAM
The Federation of Malaya proclaimed its independence from British colonial rule on August 31, 1957. Since then, the nation has strived to uphold the spirit of the Federal Constitution and to protect the basic rights of its people regardless of their race and beliefs. The independence of the nation was hard-earned through the collaborative efforts and the indomitable will of the predecessors of different races.
Social harmony and solidarity are the keys to the continual development of the nation. It would be difficult for a country to move forward if its people are in a constant turmoil with no sense of what’s right or wrong. It has been disappointing to realize that there are still many irresponsible comments and actions from certain parties designed to manipulate the sentiments of the people. We need to respect the fact that the achievement of the nation today has come about from the collaborative efforts and participation of all Malaysians regardless of race or religious beliefs. Hence, it is the obligation of every Malaysian citizen to continue to do our part to uphold the stability and the unity of our beloved country.
Malaysia is blessed with a multi-racial and multi-cultural environment. It is this environment which allows new ideas to bloom and new talents to be nurtured so that our nation can excel in many areas. We must therefore be grateful and be generous and open-minded about the differences which surround us.
On August 28, 1963, the American activist Martin Luther King, Jr delivered a far-reaching speech which defined the American dream and also marked a defining moment of the American Civil Rights Movement. In conjunction with the 56th year of Malaysia’s independence, we urge the government and the people of Malaysia to embrace the Malaysian dream which call for:
      i.     a fair economic plan that will benefit all Malaysians regardless of their race and beliefs, as this will ensure that the people will remain united and the nation will continue to develop and prosper
    ii.     a fair education system that will take care of the needs of all Malaysians regardless of their race and beliefs, as this will ensure a society that is well-informed and conscientious
  iii.     fair policies which embrace both the commonality and the differences between the various cultures and religions, as this will ensure that the rich heritage of all of our ancestors will be preserved and appreciated by our people today.
Last but not least, I wish all Malaysians a happy Merdeka day and may we all achieve the Malaysian dream very soon.

2013 国庆日献词 - 马来西亚佛教青年总会总会长吴青松
i.         国家经济发展能惠益各族人民,如此则国民能温饱,国家也必然安泰;
ii.       国家教育能平衡发展,如此则能塑造一个有高度自觉的社群,异端邪信也不会有立足之地;
iii.      国家政策能够尊重多元文化及信仰,如此则国家文化瑰宝必然得以保存,马来西亚文明也能在世界大放异彩。

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