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Stop treating our students as guinea pigs and ensure the proper implementation of PT3

Media Statement by Dr. Ong Kian Ming, MP for Serdang, on the 7th of July 2014

On the 1st of July, Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak posted on his facebook the following message:

Indeed, the students who are starting their case studies or ‘kes kajian’ for History and Geography that takes places from the 1st to 18th of July may need a lot of luck given that the implementation of PT3 has been disgraceful. The Ministry of Education had known, as far back as February 2011, that the PMR exam will be abolished and replaced by PBS. But PT3 was only announced and confirmed in March 31st, 2014, leaving very little time to brief the 63,000 Form 3 teachers in 2,376 secondary schools as well as the students and parents about this change.

As a result, this has left teachers, parents and students utterly confused about PT3 - how it differs from PMR, how it will be used to stream students after Form 3, how it will avid bias in terms of the setting of questions and the marking of papers at the school level, just to name a few important items. A sample of comments and feedback attached in Appendix 1 below will illustrate how angry and confused some teachers, parents and students are regarding the implementation of PT3, specifically, and PBS, more generally.

I call upon the Ministers of Education, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Dato Seri Idris Jusoh to stop making our Form 3 students PT3 guinea pigs and ensure the proper implementation of PT3 including taking the following steps:
1.       Set up an emergency taskforce at the MOE with a dedicated hotline to answer PT3 related questions and complaints from teachers, students and parents (Currently, the LP’s complaint website is not accessible to the public (
2.       Ensure proper oversight so that potential bias such as different standards of exam papers and in marking at the school level in the PT3 is minimized
3.       Set up a special committee to ensure proper implementation of PT3 next year so that this year’s mistakes are not repeated
The failure of Ministry of Education to properly implement PT3 raises serious doubts as to whether it is able to raise our TIMSS and PISA ranking from the bottom 1/3rd to the top 1/3rd as per the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013 to 2025.

Appendix 1: Comments and Feedback on PT3

       Sarala Poobalan Murid mengambil 2 tahun untuk memahami format UPSR. 2 tahun untuk format SPM and 1.5 tahun untuk STPM. Berapa lamakah masa yang diberi kepada murid Tingkatan 3 untuk memahami format PT3? Kurang dari 2 minggu. Merangkak pun belum dah disuruh berlari. Inilah kelebihan MOE... cakap lebih dari praktikal.Menambahkan pening ibubapa dan guru. Senang buat keputusan. Yang menjadi mangsa- guru, murid dan ibubapa.
       Nurizam Ibrahim sepatutnya pt3 dimulakan utk pelajar tingkatan satu tahun hadapan.....kesian anak2 yg menjadi bahan ujikaji .......nak cari buku rujukan utk pt3 pun susah.....
       Kevin YN Ho Dear PM,
With due respect, I have a different perspective towards your message above. In fact, I am extremely angry with the Education Minister for using my son as a guinea pig. He has cause this generation to suffer. My son is confuse as to what is required to prepare for the exams. I have met up with his teachers who are equally confused. They don't know what to expect and i asked them how I can help my son prepare, they just told me to get lots of work book of which I told them that I have spend lots of money on work books and will spend more if needed. I also notify them that you can't even get some subjects as the publishers are not printing them anymore, the reason is the termination of the system next year.
Btw, I send my son for tuition on most subject to prepare him but I am doubtful it will help. Looking at his general knowledge and education level comparing with his older siblings, I am flabbergasted and very worried for his future which is not looking bright at all. I am frustrated and angry with the education ministry.
I am really considering changing my son to a private school that runs IGCSE to prepare him for O levels. I am not a rich and wealthy person, just a normal working class person and I am not a person with the position to simply send my child to a private school from my financial perspective but if that will secure his education and there on his future, I will have no other options but to sacrifice for it. Mati mati, pun saya akan membela kehidupan masa depan anak saya which I am sure you will do the same as a responsible father. And if after doing all that I can and able and still can't see him improving, I will have not other choice but to walk on this painful journey of sacrifice by sending him to a private school and I am not surprise that if I do just that he would probably need to restart with IGCSE from Form 1 or Form 2 at best. What a waste of resources.
I really do hope that you will do some due diligence to find a way to resolve this problem that your rakyat is facing. I hope the government will not sacrifice the generation of 1999 due to this situation. We need your help and intervention.
Thank you, sir.
       Afiq Omar im one of the teacher to handle this pt3 history... the students need to have a high level of thinking. most of the were shocked because they never done such things before... 70% of them were lost...
       Ifilio del Gonxalez masih ramai ibubapa yg tak faham mendalam tentang PT3 ni......kena banyak diskusi dgn semua pihak agar penerimaannya total difahami
       Kamil Ariffin Sygnya masih ramai guru yg masih x berapa tahu bagaimana utk kendalikan PT3 & memberi beban kpd pelajar2. Diharapkn pelajar first batch ini x menjd mangsa eksperimen.
       Ushiromiya Fenix Lencaster If only PBS and project, that, I accept. But what's the use of PT3 if the teachers cannot accept high order thinking answers? I failed a few of my tests just because the form 3 teachers only accepting answers from a sheet of paper! I've been doing that for 2 years and that's what happened? Oh god, please.
From Suara Guru Masyarakat Malaysia ((1)
       Admin rasakan KPM cuba menswastakan kepada pihak peraih keuntungan? KPM, ramai guru masih tak faham PT3 dan bagaimana pula murid??? Bagaimana pula murid yang tidak berkemampuan??? #PBSDiskriminasiPendidikan
       Berat Sebelah Bagaimana boleh sebuah seminar berbayar dijalankan sedangkan Taklimat PT3 kepada guru baru selesai hari ini? Taklimat PT3 kepada guru bukannya tentang format baru tetapi tentang pengurusan PT3.
From a concerned parent via email:
       I received information from FB that you would like information on PT3 Geografi and Sejarah.  My daughter who is in Form 3 this year is studying in Penang.  She received a few days ago the two papers for PT3.  Teachers have only given very little advice so far.  They are suppose to start yesterday (1st July) for geography, but the teacher was not ready and will only do so this Friday. Not sure when she will start her history.  For parents, we will be attending a briefing this Saturday by the school on PT3. (received on July 2)
       My daughter said the school had a briefing session today for all the Form 3 students for the geography case study.  Non for history yet.  They were briefed earlier by their geography teacher on certain requirements for the geography paper like getting at least 20 residents around 5 km radius to fill in survey form, finding out information on the different pollution etc.  But at today's briefing, they were told that they will only look into air pollution! (That was not the main problem from their survey with the residents)  And they do not need to do any survey with the residents near the school.  You can imagine all the preparation for the first session which was suppose to start today in school and most cannot be used now.  I will attend the school briefing tomorrow and find out what is happening.  It is really depressing for the students who put in the effort to do a proper case study.  (example: my daughter and her 2 classmates spent 5 - 6 hours knocking on doors to get residents to fill in the survey form.  It was not easy as most people were not keen to talk or fill in a form) (received on July 5)
From a top performing student
       “My teachers try to inform us of the format in class, from what they know, and the headmasters have also informed us of the PT3, but that was earlier on, and not many details were known at that time. For the Sejarah project, which we are going to do from 1 -18 July, our teacher did brief us in the hall about the whole thing, very last-minute.”
       “In principle, the PBS is quite good, but the implementation has been terrible, really last- minute, they started the PBS in 2012, and they had 3 years to plan it beforehand, however, up to around march this year, a lot was not confirmed, and we knew very little about the year-end government exam, whether there was even going to be one, and then they suddenly came up with the PT3”

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