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Sdr Karpal's statement on recent controvers​ial concerning PAS

MEDIA STATEME by Karpal Sing, DAP National Chairman and MP for Bukit Gelugor on 8 November 2013 in Kuala Lumpur:
 I am somewhat appalled at the way I have been attacked by certain political vultures, so-called academicians and commentators over my statement on Tuesday that political parties and professional bodies set up along racial lines  should open their doors to all races or be deregistered, in particular, my alleged statement that I had called upon Pas to be deregistered. It was certainly an unkind cut for Utusan Malaysia to have made this vile allegation.

Terence  Netto has fallen hook, line and sinker for the spin obviously by Utusan Malaysia that I had called upon Pas to be deregistered culminating in his public statement amounting to abuse that I was a bull in a china shop and that I was immaturing with age, apart from other unsavory remarks. I am surprised how Terence Netto could have grown so old and learned so little. Not to be outsmarted, certain Pas officials have also descended to  the pit of infamy in their criticism of me over the alleged remark against Pas. Of course, there are others, including a professor, who have likewise shown equal immaturity by shooting from the hip without verifying  the facts or in the first place confirming that I had made the alleged statement against Pas.

True, I had called for the deregistration of the Muslim Lawyers Association for its condemnation of the Bar Council nay, criminal intimidation, against that council for having supported the Catholic weekly Herald over the use of word Allah. The president of the Muslim Lawyers Association threatened further action against the council. I stand firmly over my call for the deregistration of the Muslim Lawyers Association which was formed in 1988 at the height of the Tun Salleh Abas dismissal obviously with full support from Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who was then the prime minister which led members from that association to assemble and demonstrate quite violently in front of the Bar Council office near the Masjid Jamek station.

True, I had stated that raced-based political parties and professional bodies should open their doors to other races which unfortunately included Pas but I was quick to add that Pas acknowledged the necessity of multiracialism by having a non-Muslims supporter’s wing. 

I did not ask for the deregistration of Pas at the press conference. 

This has obviously escaped the notice and attention of Terence Netto and others of his ilk. Whether it is out of design or otherwise is a matter for the conscience of these personalities.
Can Pas deny it established the non-Muslims Pas Supporters Congress [DHPP] prior to the 2004 general –elections?

Can Pas deny it agreed on non-Muslims candidates to be fielded in the 2013 general-elections?

Can Pas deny its vice-president, Salahuddin Ayub, is on record to have publicly said on 13.10.2013, when asked whether full membership would be accorded to non-Muslims following the huge support it received from the DHPP in the general-elections, he said, 

‘For now, we have the Pas supporters wing [DHPP] for non-Muslims. It is a good way for us to position ourselves among non-Muslims. Moving forward, our challenge is to keep ourselves relevant among all Malaysians. Our challenge now is to maintain the support we received from non-Muslims and increase the support from Muslims?’

Can Pas deny in the 2008 general elections, it fielded a candidate from the Indian community, R. Kumutha, to contest the Tiram state seat in the Johor Bharu parliamentary constituency?

Can Pas deny on 6.11.2013, the DHPP, through its secretary, K. Deepakaran, in his speech debating the presidential address at Pas’s Muktamar in Pengkalan Chepa urged party members not to view the DHPP with suspicion but instead treat the non-Muslims in Pas as part of its  machinery adding,

 ‘We are sincere in giving our support to an Islamic party in Malaysia which is Pas. I have always said DHPP is the army for the Islamic struggle because Pas is for all’.

 He also emphasized,

‘Pas was only for Muslims but now Pas is open to all those who want to be part of the struggle for Islam’.   

At the press conference on Tuesday, I emphasize once again, I did not ask for Pas to be deregistered but in fact threw it a life –line by publicly stating that Pas realized the necessity of multiracialism by having the DHPP unlike UMNO, MCA and MIC which were unadulterated racist parties which required to be deregistered. I did not bring Pas into the net I had cast against political parties and professional bodies set up along racial lines. I have stated the truth. Demands for an apology by so-called Pas leaders will not be met.  That much, I assure them

Pas should show its sincerity by opening its doors to the DHPP as full-fledged members in the party. Far from being deregistered, such a move will bring it into the fold of multiracial political parties in the country.  

Dated 8th November, 2013

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