Sabtu, 5 April 2014

Najib must urgently consult and inform Opposition leader Anwar on MH 370 crisis

Malaysia is facing a national crisis in the handling of the search for MH 370. Despite this, the government continues to display its usual arrogance and lack of consultation with the democratic opposition in the country.

Opposition Pakatan Rakyat MPs have been deliberately barred from a government briefing on flight MH 370. This shows Najib's complete disregard of good democratic practice and transparent government. It is crucial for the opposition to be consulted in times like these to enable the country to face this challenge in a strong and united manner.

It is undeniable that the government has badly mismanaged the search effort; this has led to heavy criticism of our country in the international media and by foreign governments.

Today CNN and other media played up another embarrassing contradiction from the Malaysian authorities. Whereas Najib had suggested that the ACARS had been turned off at 1.07am, MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari has said that the ACARS was not due to report for another 30 minutes. This is crucial in determining whether there had been deliberate action in turning off the ACARS, bearing in mind that the co-pilot said at 1.19am, 'All right, goodnight' and did not report any ACARS malfunction at that time.

Despite these failures, the government remains arrogant and stubborn in its refusal to inform and consult the opposition. It is a democratic tradition that the government call in the national opposition for consultation during times of national crisis.

The nation's vital interests and global reputation is at stake; this is no time for party politicking. We call upon PM Najib Razak to immediately meet with the federal opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, to inform and consult on the ongoing crisis.

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18 March 2014

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