Sabtu, 2 Mei 2009

Plaque at "The Tree of Democracy"

Letter to the Sun (01.05.2009):

Plaque at " The Tree of Democracy

I see no reason why a plague can't be put up at the spot where Pakatan Rakyat had called a state assembly. Never has an assembly been solemnized under a tree. This is certainly history. You just can't deny it.

As long as the plague does not in any way prove a nuisance to the public, why not let it stand there? Firstly, the locals would like to satisfy their curiosity by visiting the site; and, this encourages what we call "the domestic tourism".

Secondly, the curious foreign tourists would surely like to have a peek at "the tree of democracy". This means "money pouring in". While the economy is sluggish, why not turn "the political fracas" into "an economic opportunity"?

At the height of the U.S. presidential campaign, Obama, McCain & other political figures were toys for sale. I wonder if we can do the same for the two Perak "Menteri Besar". Toy manufacturers should consult the relevant authorities.

From: Yu So Phin
Bandar Kinrara, Puchong,

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