Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

M.Kula : Politics Is Best Left To Politicians

It’s my personal and firm view that the decision of the Court will not bring about a finality of the on going constitutional crisis in Perak. I have said it before, that Courts are and cannot be the deciders or arbitrators of who should be the rightful MB of Perak. Politics is best left to politicians! The people elected assemblyman and it is they who should decide as who is best to lead the state.

Whatever the decision of the Court today it will just drag the political crisis further without any definite conclusion.
The whole issue is whether the 3 assemblyman ( Cangkat Jaring, Behrang and Jelapang) have resigned? According to the Speaker V.SivaKumar they have resigned or have become independents as according to Barisan National?

One school of thought says if the Perak State Assembly cannot be allowed to be dissolved then at least ask or demand the 3 assemblyman to “officially” resign their seats and by-elections be called. This may in one way settle the issue as to whether the voters in the 3 constituencies voted for a PR or BN Government.

Finally the man who singularly executed the collapse of the PR government in Perak in early February2009 is none other then Prime Minister (PM) Najib. He should realize that the political crisis has failed to enhance his image as the PM of Malaysia. Is he PM for all or only for Barisan National(BN)? PM Najib should rise above politics, over the impasse now and demand for the dissolution of the State Assembly of Perak. Failing which the present stalemate will eventually result in his own down fall.

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  1. YB, the way I look at it, there cannot be any by-elections in the 3 state constituencies as the Federal Court has decided that the seats were never vacant.