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Call on all DAP State Conventions in coming weeks to send out one clear message to Malaysians – one with DAP national leadership and Pakatan Rakyat parties to conquer Putrajaya in 14GE to achieve Malaysian Dream

Media Statement by DAP Parliamentary Leader and MP for Gelang Patah Lim Kit Siang in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, 26th November 2013:
After the DAP Special Congress on September 29, 2013 to re-elect the DAP national leadership, the UMNO national elections in October and the 59th PAS Muktamar last weekend to elect the PAS leadership for the next two years, the national focus for the coming weeks will be back on the DAP.
Beginning this weekend, most of the DAP State Conventions will be electing the new DAP State leaderships – and true to form, the Umno/BN plotters and conspirators are already working overtime to demonise the DAP leaders to cause maximum dissension,  division and damage to the DAP in particular and Pakatan Rakyat in general.
But just as the UMNO/BN plotters and conspirators, through their media, printed and Internet, had failed in their sinister design to destroy Pakatan Rakyat and the component parties of DAP, PAS and PKR, whether before, during and in the half-year after the 13th General Elections, DAP delegates to the DAP State Conventions in the coming weeks must mobilise to rally behind the national DAP leadership to send out  one clear and unmistakable message not only to Umno/Barisan Nasional but also to all Malaysians.
This clear and unmistakable message all DAP State Conventions in the coming weeks should send out to all Malaysians is that the  DAP at all levels in the country are one with the DAP national leadership and the other Pakatan Rakyat partners, PAS and PKR, to conquer Putrajaya in the 14GE to achieve the Malaysian Dream -  a Malaysia for all Malaysians regardless of race, religion, class or region where democracy, good governance and socio-economic justice could flourish to allow every Malaysian to achieve his or her fullest potential for the collective good and greatness of the nation.
I had said yesterday that all the three parties of DAP, PAS and PKR have benefitted from the partnership in Pakatan Rakyat.
From a regional party confined largely to its “Northern” heartland of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu, PAS has gone “national” in the 13th General Elections with parliamentary and/or state assembly representation in every state in Peninsular Malaysia, except for Negri Sembilan.
Performance of DAP (1999 to 2013)
DAP has also benefitted from being in Pakatan Rakyat and needs the Pakatan framework of cooperation and mutual reliance to continue to win more seats.
DAP has come a long way since 1999 in terms of the number of parliament and state seats won.
From 10 parliament and 11 state seats in Peninsular Malaysia in the 1999 general elections to 11 parliament and 15 state seats in the 2004 general elections, DAP took a big jump to 26 parliament and 72 state seats in Peninsular Malaysia in the 2008 general elections.
DAP made further gains in the 2013 general elections by winning 31 parliament and 91 state seats in Peninsular Malaysia. (See Table 1 below)
Table 1: Number of Parliament and State Seats won by the DAP in Peninsular Malaysia (including seats with <60 chinese="" font="" voters="">
DAP (Pmsia)
# Parliament
# Parliament < 60% Chinese
% Parliament <60 chinese="" span="">
# State

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