Selasa, 20 Julai 2010

RM3.13 Billion FDI in Perak During Pakatan Rakyat

It is with great pleasure to announce that Perak had achieved the highest record in history in respect of Foreign direct investment (FDI) and total investment while 11 months under PAKATAN RAKYAT administration. Perak scored RM3.13 billion total investment under Pakatan, which is the highest in history. It is also with great pride to inform all that the Pakatan Rakyat government also gain recognition from Auditor General as one of the most clean and transparent state government which accorded us with 4 stars rating. This is the people's power of change and if Perakian continue to have faith with us, we shall be able to achieve greater height to bring back pride and glory to our beloved silver state.Forward herewith today's latest statement and photo for your kind publication.

Thank you.


YB Nga Kor MingDAP Deputy National Treasurer/MP for Taiping

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