Isnin, 15 Jun 2009

Ngeh : Hishammuddin Was Inaccurate

Beruas DAP parliamentarian Ngeh Koo Ham told reporters that the home minister's response to the Perak State Assembly matter was inaccurate.

The outspoken MP, who was booted out for 2 days after stirring a ruckus in the House this morning, defended Sivakumar.

He argued that the Ganesan's appointment was illegal, as the assembly had only begun after the Perak regent initiated the proceedings.

"While Sivakumar was instructing Zambry (Abd Kadir) and his six excos to leave, as well as the three assemblypersons who had resigned to vacate their seats, the BN assembly representatives were holding another 'sub-assembly'," said Ngeh.

"And it was in that illegitimate assembly that they had elected Ganesan... as they proceeded before the regent could address the assembly."

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  1. When people fail to see their own weaknesses ... call them the Opposition. When people fail to listen to others ... call them the Government. Together, they are just a bunch of manupulative politicians. And Ngeh, you are one of the main reason PR losing sympathy support in Perak.