Selasa, 2 Jun 2009

Candle Light Vigil At Kg Tawas Women's Branch

Ipoh, 2 June 2009, At the last minute we decided to have a candle light vigil and the same time a signature campaign to demand that the State Assembly of Perak be dissolved. Only at about 4pm we decided to have this event at the women’s branch at Kg.Tawas, said M.Kulasegaran. (MP for Ipoh Barat).

As the event started we had some uninvited guest namely the policemen. Even some senior police officers were present. Apparently at about 6pm the branch Chairman M/S Jennies was visited by the local police warning her that she could be arrested if the candle Vigil was proceeded with.

The local people and members decided to have the candle vigil inside the DAP premises.
I spoke on the reasons to dissolve the state assembly in particular also as to the reluctance of Barisan National to seek a new mandate from the voters of Perak, he said.

It was well attended by the locals.

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