Selasa, 28 Julai 2009

Sivakumar & His Committee Were Prohibited To Enter The State Secretariat

There was a 70 minute stand-off when Pakatan Perak Assembly Speaker V Sivakumar and his Rights and Privileges Committee members were denied entry into the State Secretariat.The six-member committee was to hold an inquiry into the conduct of BN-appointed state Speaker R Ganesan, who called police into the House to remove Sivakumar during the riotous May 7 assembly sitting.

The committee also wanted to interview three witnesses - Pokok Assam's Yee Seu Kai who lodged the complaint against Ganesan, DAP state chairman Ngeh Koo Ham and constitutional law expert Tommy Thomas.Sivakumar said he informed state secretary Abdul Rahman Hashim on Sunday via a phone call that he needed the Speaker's room, or any other room, to conduct the inquiry."He told me to put it in writing. I did, and faxed him the letter. This morning, I rang him up to confirm booking of the room but he did not respond to my call. I then sent a SMS asking him to prepare a room but he did not respond to it either."

Sivakumar and his six-member committee then arrived at State Secretariat at 9.55am to face a wall of police personnel blocking their path into the state government building.
Ipoh CID chief Glenn Anthony told Sivakumar that he had instructions from the state secretary not to allow him and his committee into the building.
Ngeh, who was also present, demanded an official notification from the state secretary.

Rahman's representative, principal assistant secretary Shamshuzaman Sulaiman, quickly retreated into the building and emerged with a hastily typed letter which said that Sivakumar was denied entry into the State Secretariat as no advance notice was given.Sivakumar and Ngeh (right) hotly disputed this and said a written notice was faxed, and followed up with a personal phone to Rahman. Shamshuzaman again retreated, and appeared 10 minutes later with another letter that he had signed, stating that Siva and company were prohibited from holding the meeting in the building as Rahman was not notified of the inquiry.This again raised loud protests from Sivakumar and company and Shamshuzaman was forced to strike out the sentence that 'no notice was given'

Source : Malaysiakini

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  1. Will Pakatan Rakyat seek through a different channel to exert pressure on them or will them participate in forth-coming state-wide hartal in order to champion for democratic

  2. what a shame democracy happen in malaysia..

  3. If the assembly is not dissolved, Perakians mustn't pay their quit rent & assessment to the illegal state gahmen. Hold back till the legal gahmen's in place! Hartal!

  4. Salam sejahtera tuan speaker,

    Did the police know how to use internet?did they read anything on internet?did they know how to open computer?did they have time to surf internet.did they know what they are in people face and mind.did they know people see them worst than dead dogs..did they???? shame to be malaysians police. shame..lucky my father pass away long time ago. he is police officer. if not i dont know where to pun my face.